Lost in the now

It’s difficult to describe, this place that I’m in.

I’m speaking of a place in time more than on a map, though that’s hardly a surprise considering how much I’ve been YouTubing quantum mechanics before bed lately.

The physical ‘where’ is easy – I’m in Singapore. It says so right here.

My Maps app agrees.

Though given the bad map rap Apple’s gotten in the past, I still have my doubts.

I’m in an unfamiliar place, though it’s comforting to know I’m still the same me.

We’re doing it all again; this time in a whole different continent. From school friends to bandmates to globetrotting business partners.

But what comes next?  Who knows.

Who cares…


When you spend every waking hour focused so intensely on the future, it’s really the present that becomes the unknown.


And by a strange twist of fate it’s often in this moment that I find it.


That elusive, unquantifiable and arrhythmic heartbeat of startup life – something I’ve become very well acquainted with over the past few years.

With Daniel, Joel and I doing business in three different countries right now, it has become clearer than ever that there’s greater purpose behind what we’re doing. Even if we don’t know quite what that is yet.

On a superficial level we’re miles, countries, worlds apart; often too busy to speak for days at a time.

But taking several steps back, I’ve realised something – we’re no longer aligned on a local or national scale.

We’re orbiting globally.

And the ink-blue clouds surrounding the word ‘Jaden’, inscribed on three scrawny musician arms in a previous life, have begun to inherit a whole new story.