Her name was Singapore

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At face value life is often completely random. Just a bunch of irrelevant things happening all around.

But sometimes irrelevance is the most delicious appetiser of all.

After being introduced to some business contacts in Singapore by a good friend and manager of one of Jaden Social’s flagship music clients, Daniel and I made the trek over to Singapore to meet with them in person and discuss potential opportunities.

The two gentlemen we met with have spent many, many years doing business in Asia and around the world and were, at the very least, excited by the potential of digital opportunities in Singapore and beyond.

One of the two, Jonathan, has been running a real-world design and branding agency called Bonsey Design for the past 20 years, and in the process has worked with some of Asia’s biggest brands.

In this time Bonsey Design has built an incredibly reputable brand and done a lot of really timeless work. But this great work has always come to a grinding halt at the intersection of real world and digital.

Enter Bonsey Jaden.

Despite attempts to find a less common word for it, ‘synergy’ really was the best way to describe the chemistry that was beginning to bubble between our respective brands and businesses.

As The Jaden Group, we have absolutely no interest in playing in the real-world branding space. We are digital guys and always will be.

In much the same way, Bonsey Design is masterful at building brands in the real world, but has neither the expertise nor desire to throw its hat into the digital arena.

Both businesses perfectly complemented each other, with a scrumptious little overlap in the middle.

So we shook hands, clinked glasses, and jumped on the next plane home to brief the team and begin the exciting process of building another new business.

Though something tells me that with our very first serving of the Orient on the table, the ravenous beast of inception that is my addiction will be subdued for some time to come.

And this musician will be extending his vacation just a tad.


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