Create a website and the answers will come

During the first few months of Jaden Social’s pre-operations I honestly had no idea what it was we did as a company.

Far from an expert on the digital and social landscapes, I’d barely even worked inside an agency – let alone built and run one.

I was also new to many of the concepts of marketing and selling social media services, which presented quite the challenge when it came to dressing up and pricing our offerings.

Luckily I’m a fast learner, and a pretty decent faker.

Plus I had one of the best in the game beside me.

Being a digital agency, the logical way to start out was by building a website. And like with any new website there came a necessity for content – and lots of it.

And so it was that the entire month of December 2011 was dedicated to the injection of Jaden Social into the world wide web.

As we snooped the net, brainstormed furiously and put fingers to keyboards, an agency began to take shape. The Jaden story evolved, the vision became crystal, and our range of musician’s packages & services sprouted up like some magic beans we managed to score from market.

By the official website launch on January 1st, we had managed to hack up a nice WordPress theme and filled it with a formidable collection of freshly squeezed content.

It was certainly no Sistine Chapel, but it did the job – and most importantly I understood who we were and what we had to offer the world.

Now all that remained was to start bringing in the pennies.

And maybe figure out how to actually do the work.