Confessions of an addict

I like starting things. It’s an addiction.

It’s my addiction.

It’s that exciting honeymoon phase in a new relationship, or that steep bell curve of progress when first learning a new language. It’s those blissful, adrenaline-fuelled moments of a spontaneous decision, before reality kicks in; before rationality and familiarity take charge.

Some people call it risk, I prefer to call it opportunity. It helps me to justify my intermittent stupidity.

And 2013 sure has been a year of opportunities; a year worth remembering for so many reasons.

I’ve collided with some incredible people while travelling to some surreal places and eating some truly delicious ducks (follow me on Instagram if you don’t believe me).

I’ve also been up to my ears in a foamy spa bath of the seemingly unsolvable.

In so many ways this year has been chaos; an oscillation of highs and lows, wins and losses, laughter, and also a few tears thrown in for good measure.

As it turns out, chaos is actually the only constant in this equation we call startup life.


Luckily I’m beginning to find comfort in the chaos.


After giving birth to a baby named Jaden Social in late 2011, the next 78 weeks existed as a violent whirlwind of learnings for me, and for my three best friends and partners, Daniel, Joel and Igor.

The lessons were in digital and social, people and scale, financial and legal, sacrifice and success.

And 100-hour working weeks.

Things were crazy. And then the addiction kicked in, triggering an avalanche of new beginnings.

After so much time invested in Jaden Social, the baby began to grow and gather a little teenage independence; opening the door to some new opportunities and exciting collaborations.

Enter The Jaden Group, and its many indices.

There was Social Family Records, an independent record label whose differentiator was a focus on using social media to connect fans directly and intimately to its artists.

Then there was TWiZ, a cheeky little wizard born to help users grow and promote their Twitter accounts.

Next came Luxus, the Australian arm of an incredibly successful 13 year-old marketing agency servicing the top brands in Finland; a partnership with good friend, world champion fisherman and epic salesman, Antti.

And then there was Vision Digital, a collaboration with long-time friend and fellow ‘musician on vacation’ Udhara, which saw our official entrance into the ‘richly spiced soil of Sri Lanka’ (it’s ok to quote yourself, right?).

Things were gathering momentum, and sleep was becoming more of a luxury item every day.

Then, just as the dust was starting to settle, there came another knock at the door.

Calling out “Who is it?”, I peeked through the proverbial keyhole.

It was then that I got my first glimpse of her – one of the most breathtaking sights I have ever beheld.

Her name was Singapore.