Choose your partners wisely


“It’s not WHAT you know but WHO you know.”



One of the worst and most overworked clichés ever to be uttered into existence – particularly in the worlds of music and business.

While it often rings true, the rapid progression of the internet and social media over the last 5 years has definitely dampened the potency of that particular saying.

Allow me to elaborate.

Without knowing anyone at all, you can pretty quickly find out the key players in any industry, company or business circle, then get an email or a tweet in front of them with a couple of clicks and keystrokes. Tim Ferris demonstrates this throughout his controversial life-hacking gem, 4-Hour Work Week.

But having said that, there are still many opportunities that are simply unattainable without a prior introduction or a good rap from someone with sway.

We learned this pretty quickly with Jaden Social.

Now this not to say that we were struggling to build a brand and a clientele when we first started out; not at all. But what we discovered is that knowing (and partnering with) the right people can do incredible things for a startup trying to grow quickly.

We first came into contact with Jake Challenor & George Said early in 2012, after our close friends (and very first client) Electric Empire connected us with their management, Billy Blue Management (now George Said Mgmt).

Hitting it off immediately, we saw that our shared passions, aligned goals, and the complimentary nature of our respective businesses could serve both parties extremely well. We wasted no time in formalising our new relationship and getting busy.

With the sheer depth of Jake and George’s industry knowledge & relationships, and their squeaky clean reputations (the be-all and end-all in the music industry), Jaden Social was able to kick things into overdrive. Over the next 6 months we were schooled on the ways of the music world, and ushered through the front doors of the biggest labels and artist management groups in the country; more often than not walking out with new contracts, and new notches on our social media belt.

In return, Jaden Social was able to take a holistic approach to servicing all of Billy Blue’s artists, something which played an integral part in building a platform for artists like Baby Animals to liberate themselves and their artistic independence from the pitfalls of major label deals.

But beyond the immediate mutual benefits of a management group and a digital marketing agency joining forces, the creative minds and chemistry of the now six partners instigated something even bigger than we could have imagined.

A totally new breed of record label – the first truly ‘social family’.

Social Family Records – an entirely new way for artists to build a fanbase and release their music.

What we have now is not just two small businesses hustling their way through an unforgiving industry, but a super-specialised team working inside an entire music ecosystem built for developing, managing, promoting and releasing artists independently.

And all of this as a result of a simple but strategic partnering of like-minded entrepreneurs! I guess you just never know what may come tomorrow from the decisions you make today.

Choose your partners wisely.