Checking in

Man, it’s been something like 5 weeks since I last sat down to write; although it actually seems slightly closer to a lifetime than a month.

When I started this blog I remember making a silent promise to myself to take good care of it; not let it gather dust like so, so many things I started before it. Oops…

The truth is I just couldn’t decide where to head to after my last efforts, literarily speaking. And it’s definitely not for lack of material, considering I’ve been frolicking around Singapore so long that it’s beginning to feel like home (3 weeks, according to the stamp in my passport).

My problem right now is actually quite the opposite of that – rather, too many things to write about. A lame excuse for procrastination I know, but rest assured I am feeling sufficiently guilty at this moment.

The list of blog titles saved in my Evernote has grown so large that I’m intimidated, afraid to even go in there.

It really is incredible how much there is to learn in the world. Each one of these titles serves as a friendly, albeit half-baked, reminder of this. So does being somewhere completely new, somewhere I know nothing about. Thousands of kilometres away from where it all began.

In my experience life is a smouldering tablespoon of irony, melted down into its purest form; waiting patiently to be sucked up and administered by the syringe of time.

Boy how I love irony.

2 years ago I was faced with an opportunity, an inevitably life-altering decision to make. For whatever reason I chose to switch course and veer away from a life that I loved, away from my dream to live and work as a musician in Asia; something which hurt in ways I never thought possible.

2 weeks from now I will be returning home. From one beautiful city to another, to collect my guitar and my belongings, and to turn to a new chapter in life. One where I am still a musician on vacation, but on my way to the very place I thought was no longer within reach. And on even better terms than I could even have dreamed of, way back when.

There are many more ways than one to get to where you want to be in life. Period.

Closing a door in your life doesn’t mean you’ll never get to see what’s behind it. Maybe you’ll just find yourself at the backdoor miraculously holding the right key, or on the roof, peeking down at what could be through the cracks and missing tiles.

There is no such thing as ‘never’ when it comes to irony. That’s why I’ve started wearing a belt – even though my pants stay up perfectly well on their own.