Celebrate the wins

Working in a start-up is hard.

It’s mentally challenging, physically exhausting, and often demoralising. And this is despite being constantly surrounded and supported by my three best friends.

I don’t know how people can do it alone.

One thing we all learned very quickly is that the work never stops coming. And unless you find someone else capable of doing it, the buck always stops with you.

It’s so easy to get buried under this perpetually replenishing mountain of to-do’s. Days roll by before anyone realises we’ve barely said a word to each other.

Plans to take off a half hour in the week to just sit around, chat, watch an episode of the Simpsons; to just be friends, inevitably end up getting bumped at the expense of some more important work task.

There’s only one way to make it through with sanity and friendships intact.


You have to take time to celebrate the wins.


It doesn’t need to be much – breakfast together before work one day in the week, a visit to the Brazilian BBQ for dinner and laughs.

It’s an absolute must.

Celebrate those tiny victories you achieved in the week. Laugh about the colossal fuck ups that nearly sank the ship. Stop to appreciate the company’s progress over the past 3 months.

Everything is too big and too hard until you break it down into bite-sized pieces. Don’t underestimate the incredible impact this can have on morale, state of mind and motivation.

Life’s just too short when you forget about the little things.