8 lessons I learned from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I’m going to start out by taking a little contradictory dump on the title of this blog and saying that I don’t actually believe in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (‘CFS’ for short).

Just like Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (and probably plenty of other things with which I haven’t yet been diagnosed), ‘CFS’ is nothing more than a label that gets slapped onto a person once the doctor is all out of ideas.

It doesn’t actually provide any insight or solve the actual problems; it’s kind of like saying, “Congratulations sir, you have a headache. I can’t tell you why you have a headache, but here’s a couple of Panadols to help you forget about it for a while.”

If you would be so kind as to humour me for the next few minutes, the quotation marks indicating my indignance to the term CFS are now implied.

End rant.

Now let me tell you my story…

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