Lost in the now

It’s difficult to describe, this place that I’m in.

I’m speaking of a place in time more than on a map, though that’s hardly a surprise considering how much I’ve been YouTubing quantum mechanics before bed lately.

The physical ‘where’ is easy – I’m in Singapore. It says so right here.

My Maps app agrees.

Though given the bad map rap Apple’s gotten in the past, I still have my doubts.

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Her name was Singapore

<<< Continued from ‘Confessions of an addict

At face value life is often completely random. Just a bunch of irrelevant things happening all around.

But sometimes irrelevance is the most delicious appetiser of all.

After being introduced to some business contacts in Singapore by a good friend and manager of one of Jaden Social’s flagship music clients, Daniel and I made the trek over to Singapore to meet with them in person and discuss potential opportunities.

The two gentlemen we met with have spent many, many years doing business in Asia and around the world and were, at the very least, excited by the potential of digital opportunities in Singapore and beyond.

One of the two, Jonathan, has been running a real-world design and branding agency called Bonsey Design for the past 20 years, and in the process has worked with some of Asia’s biggest brands.

In this time Bonsey Design has built an incredibly reputable brand and done a lot of really timeless work. But this great work has always come to a grinding halt at the intersection of real world and digital.

Enter Bonsey Jaden.

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Confessions of an addict

I like starting things. It’s an addiction.

It’s my addiction.

It’s that exciting honeymoon phase in a new relationship, or that steep bell curve of progress when first learning a new language. It’s those blissful, adrenaline-fuelled moments of a spontaneous decision, before reality kicks in; before rationality and familiarity take charge.

Some people call it risk, I prefer to call it opportunity. It helps me to justify my intermittent stupidity.

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