Choose your partners wisely


“It’s not WHAT you know but WHO you know.”



One of the worst and most overworked clichés ever to be uttered into existence – particularly in the worlds of music and business.

While it often rings true, the rapid progression of the internet and social media over the last 5 years has definitely dampened the potency of that particular saying.

Allow me to elaborate.

Without knowing anyone at all, you can pretty quickly find out the key players in any industry, company or business circle, then get an email or a tweet in front of them with a couple of clicks and keystrokes. Tim Ferris demonstrates this throughout his controversial life-hacking gem, 4-Hour Work Week.

But having said that, there are still many opportunities that are simply unattainable without a prior introduction or a good rap from someone with sway.

We learned this pretty quickly with Jaden Social.

Now this not to say that we were struggling to build a brand and a clientele when we first started out; not at all. But what we discovered is that knowing (and partnering with) the right people can do incredible things for a startup trying to grow quickly.

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Reflection in the sky

As I open my laptop to begin writing today, something is different. I am surrounded by strangers. My elbows are jammed tightly by my sides; a most awkward position for typing. My ears are blocked, the sound of gushing air is all around me. I am thousands of feet in the air.

I am Singapore-bound; a day behind Daniel.

It occurs to me that it’s been close to two years since I last flew somewhere; (not co-incidentally) about the same amount of time since I started my first company. Boy am I glad I decided to take 2.5 months off to travel around South East Asia when I did, in September 2011.

I had no idea at the time, but as fate would have it I would not be stepping away from Jaden Social and from day-to-day responsibility again for more than a few hours at a time.

Not until today.

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Everything in good time

Do you ever feel like you’re connected to a giant timer? One with a never-ending countdown, and a nice Excel formula set up to track the ROI (or ‘Return On Investment’ in marketing speak) of every moment in your life?

I’ve definitely got that right now. Actually, I’ve pretty much always had it.

Over the last 9 or 10 years, since finishing school, time has gradually grown to become one of the few worldly possessions I’m truly interested in accumulating.

I HATE to see it wasted – especially if it’s mine.

This borderline obsession often sees me electing to be insociable or a jerk; passing up on invites to go out places, pulling out of hang-out sessions with friends, breaking up with girlfriends, and even bailing mid way through conversations that drag out too much or veer off course and onto an inconsequentially bumpy bush trail.

But why? WHY am I so protective of my time?

Because I know the value of it.

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