DO before you DELEGATE

There’s one lesson that the business world has taught me repeatedly throughout my 28 short years; over, and over, and over again.

As with many things in life, I’ve tried to ignore it at times – often battling with the temptation to give up, skip ahead, or simply gloss over the boring and the seemingly inconsequential.

But I don’t believe in co-incidence, so I guess there must be a good reason why life keeps dangling it in my face.

Startup Lesson #1: DO before you DELEGATE


It was in early 2005 that ‘delegate’ became something more than just a 3 syllable word in my vocabulary.

I had just started work at a 10-person startup electricity retailer called Jackgreen; a company that is sadly (but not surprisingly) no longer in existence.

As a fairly bright, cocky 20-year-old musician, I thought I was pretty special. It didn’t matter that I had no experience in the corporate world. If there was something I didn’t know, I would just figure it out.

No worries mate.

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Man vs Winter

I love the summer.

Golden rays of sunshine beating down on glorious 30+ degree days. The sparkling blue blankets lining the eastern coast of Australia. Standing outside on my driveway barefoot and shirtless on balmy Sydney nights, channelling the vibes of an unrepentant beach bum.

That’s pretty much my idea of heaven. But right now that particular reality is little more than a distant memory.

For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered from a terminal case of SAD (Seasonal affective disorder). And it seems I’m not the only one – SAD is an actual disease that affects anywhere from 1-10% of people around the world.

And what it basically means is that when winter rolls around, the entire midriff of the year typically becomes dismal, depressing and unproductive. And then I flee to South East Asia.

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Create a website and the answers will come

During the first few months of Jaden Social’s pre-operations I honestly had no idea what it was we did as a company.

Far from an expert on the digital and social landscapes, I’d barely even worked inside an agency – let alone built and run one.

I was also new to many of the concepts of marketing and selling social media services, which presented quite the challenge when it came to dressing up and pricing our offerings.

Luckily I’m a fast learner, and a pretty decent faker.

Plus I had one of the best in the game beside me.

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Since those first plucks and strums of my mum’s nylon string acoustic at 17, I heard music calling to me.

Before music it was sports and video games, and before that it was study – yep, I was (and probably always will be) a huge geek.

But then music came along, and boy did it change everything.

As a self-taught musician and producer, I’ve spent the better part of the last decade slumped in front of souped-up iMacs, red-eyed and grooving deep into the wee hours; strapped in to a pair of clunky, over-ear Sennheiser studio headphones.

You know – the kind that inject thick, juicy bass tones directly into the soul.

I never went to uni after finishing school, instead finding myself unfulfilled and drifting from job to job – working in retail stores, cafes, construction sites, call centres, a hospital, and most notably an ‘environmentally friendly’ energy company located on the gustiest street in Sydney’s CBD for close to 5 years, where I learned everything I know about how not to run a business.

Working day-in day-out in shitty jobs to make a few bucks off the man was certainly a life far from glamorous. But that never mattered to me.

I had music.

I just needed to figure out a way to create more time for it.

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